Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mixed Mail Bag

I hope your shoulder's mending well and also that things are going well for you all around--work, life, etc. In all honesty, this email started off as an inquiry as to whether order processing has been affected, but I highly doubt it will make a difference on my end. Sad to say, I won't be able to see my girl until late October anyway and I can't believe it could possibly be anywhere near delayed that long. I'm just very impressed with the product line and can't wait to have it here.

The shoulder is progressing along just fine. With any luck the doc will let me take the damn thing off for good next week. So far I seem to have my full range of motion back and aside from some sore muscles complaining about having to work again for the first time in 5 weeks, no pain either. Still one must wait for the official blessing (and x-rays) to be sure, but so far so good. Now as for your order, have no fears. While I can't help you with your girl, I can re-assure you that your rope will be ready on time. The TwistedMonk.Com minions have been hard at work filling orders while I am on the mend. Sure, for the first week or so things were a bit frenetic as I spent most of my days in a drug induced fog, thankfully Nerdy (my long suffering and ever capable shop queen) has kept the machine running and orders flowing smoothly out the door. Ironically, one of my mantras this year has been “delegate or die” and being laid up, unable to lift kettles or whip rope for the for past few weeks has been a great re-enforcer of that lesson.

What is the “Fabulously gay disco radio station” you always refer to?

That would be C89.5, a station run by a local high school. Staffed entirely by students the station has been on the air for like a million years it is quite possibly the best way to avoid getting road rage in Seattle’s ever worsening traffic. My personal favorite is their Thursday morning tribute to all things retro, Save the Wave. Makes me want to wear eye liner and play the keytar.

Hi Twisted Monk,
although I am not a current client, I was hoping that you could point me in a good direction for conditioning raw hemp.

I have searched it and found several techniques, but was looking for your opinion on the best way.

Thank you,

If you are asking what method I use in my shop to finish the rope I sell to make my living and pay the wages of my employees. Sorry, that would be a trade secret, a process created after years of testing, tens of thousands of dollars of custom built equipment, production agreements with hemp producers in 4 different countries and countless hours of refinement.
That said, I do think everyone should at least try and condition their own rope. My advice would be to consult Mistress Google and find a method that works for you. The first recipe I ever tried was the “wet method” outlined in Midori’s book, “The Seductive Art of Japanese Rope Bondage”, so it holds a dear place in my heart. Know that the process is long and labor intensive and your house may smell awful for a few days.

Love, love, LOVE the videos. Did I mention I loved them? I do! When will see more of them?

Wow, delighted that they have been so well received. In fact we are all sort a stunned by the response. Did you know that the basic hogtie video has been seen over 75 thousand times on youtube since we posted it? DAYM! Rest easy, we have more in the pipe. The busted collar bone threw a kink in our filming plans, but yes there will be more before the year’s end. Stay tuned. That said if you have any requests for short instructional topics, no I won’t do a suspension how to so don’t ask, we would love to hear from you.

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