Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Tambo, power nerd

I love that my wife is a video game playing, super hero loving, sci-fi movie watching and all around sexy nerd. What can I say, brains are sexy. Geeky, smart girls like my Tambo who are one in a million. Now as you may recall, for her birthday last month I gave my dearest wife a new x-box360 and a copy of the much anticipated Guitar Hero 3.* Well in the scant few weeks since that day she has played the hell out of the game. Smoking me and the nearest competition with her mad button mashing and head banging skills. Last night she happily informed me that not only has she beaten the game, twice as a solo artist (easy and medium mode) she’s won it in co-op and holds a 5 star rank on EVERY song offered. Her next conquest, she tells me with a determined nod, will be to either beat the game at “Expert” or attempt to play it again left handed (ala Jimi Hendrix)

Something tells me that I need to start putting some cash aside and find her a copy of Rock Band and quick.

*an amusing aside, the game was to be released at midnight Saturday the 27th. We also had a play date that night. So after taking her out, hanging her from the ceiling and doing all manner of devilish things to her sweet body, we packed up and dashed across town so that we might catch the tail end of the midnight release party and score her pre-ordered copy. Then she went home and proceeded to play till 3 am while covered in fresh rope marks!

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