Friday, November 30, 2007

Psst, Hey Buddy. Wanna Buy Some Rope?

So first off, thanks to everyone who bid on the last custom rope auction. Wow, the response was way more than I expected. Thanks to you, I now have a nice start to my, “take Tambo someplace warm for Christmas fund”. You guys are just the best customers in the whole world.

This time around I thought I might try something different.

This is a one of a kind piece of our very exclusive “White Hemp Linen” rope. But as you can see, it is not white. Nope. Using the same, labor intensive dye process as our Phoenix rope (now a collectors item) this rope is a rich mix of reds (Cherry, Fire and Blood). This is a single, 97ft bulk piece. The winner can have it cut down to shorter lengths and whipped for a small extra fee. Bid on it here.

From Custom to Last Call,

A customer e-mailed me yesterday asking if we had any of our discontinued “Envy Green” left in the shop. As luck would have it, we had a few pieces of it left over. He flaked out, so his loss is your gain. This collection of 8MM (over 150 ft) is the last of its kind and a great start for someone looking to build a rope kit. Bid on it here.

Now when Tambo got wind of my plan to auction off rope in order to fund a Christmas getaway for the two of us, she suggested I offer up her x-box to the mix.

“I’m not sure if my readers are really going to want to buy our old x-box and games, babe”, I said to her.
“Are you kidding? Just tell them that you played DDR naked on the dance pad and they will go nuts!”
My Tambo, ever the optimist.
She does have a point, sorta. Along with the system, controllers and dance pad we are also selling a pretty sweet collection of games. All those times I was sick, recovering from the accident or generally hiding from the world I was probably playing one of these. Bid on it here.