Monday, January 14, 2008

Ok, so the few items too big to fly back with me are safely in UPS' hands. Bags packed and just taking a few moments to pause and enjoy the last of our awesome host's creature comforts before making the trek from Providince back to Boston and then fling home. Of course I was a bit worried when I awoke this morning to find the streets covered in a few inches of fresh snow. Thankfully that all seems to be under control. Strange, when we arrived on Friday the rain fell in fist sized drops. Walking but a few feet drenched us. Saturday and Sunday, not that we could do much with it, but it was glorious. Dry and crisp, bright and cold.... then today snow. Strange.

Oh well, I blather and should draw this to an end. Here is to everyone who came out, I think we hit a record for the number of times we heard, "love your blog" or "thanks for the videos" , "can I come work for you" and my favorite, "So when are you going to relocate the company out here?" Thank you to everyone who came out and bought, brought us treats, chatted, hugged, shared stories and generally makes this event one of my personal favorites. We will be back next year. As for the summer flea.... maybe. Ask me when I am not wiped out of stock and homesick.

Before I close, one last thank you must go to my boy alex. I think I may have met my match when it comes to salesmanship. He could sell ice to Eskimos and busted ass all weekend to do that. Thanks, you make your Daddy proud in so many ways.