Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Say wha?

One of the best parts of doing a roadshow, aside from the huge paycheck at the end, is getting to interact with my fans and customers. Historically, we only make one east coast appearance so folks tend to go out of their way to come up and say hello.

This last weekend I had the pleasure to talk, hug and laugh with so many great people. It makes me wish that I could have had a hidden camera running because some of the interactions I had with folks were just too funny / strange to believe.

While wandering about on Friday night looking for a nearby pub for dinner and stopping to ask a couple on the street for directions:
Monk: ”Say, are you folks local? I’m looking for the Trinity Pub, heard of it?”
Random Person: ”Nope….”, eyes narrowing,” say… I know you. You were on my wife’s computer last night!”
Monk: “Um, I was? Was I naked”
Random Person: “”No, but there was a motorcycle…”
(ok, so maybe this video blogging thing is a bit more popular than I thought)

A customer walked by the booth, and as soon as her eyes caught me she stops dead in the middle of the isle and stares. Later she will make some stammering hellos and as I do my best to reassure her that I am just a guy and while I am flattered that she is so struck by meeting me that I am, in fact, just a person and won’t bite her.
“Its, its” she stammers trying to regain composure, “its like I’m meeting Santa Claus! “
I assure you all, while my ego may be near mythical in its proportions and depth, Seattle is not the north pole (no matter how much I complain about the cold) and the minion (while some are a bit on the diminutive side) are not to be mistaken for elves. LOL I really wanted to give her a big hug and thank her for making my day, but I held back for fear that she may faint.

Ok the wildest one? A buxom young thing, bounced up to me and announced that I was a “F.F.I.L.F” As in, “Father Figure I’d Like To Fuck”
Gulp! Not too sure how I feel about that one, sure I like playing the “Big Bad Leather Daddy” card when in public with alex, but I’m not sure if I am ready to have the gray streaks in my hair eroticized in that context just yet.