Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little help here?

And so dear readers, I find myself in a bit of a pickle and need some advice. One of my favorite patrons recently asked if the next time we played we could do an interrogation scene. Now, interrogation scenes are always one of my favorite games to play.

The thing about a scene like this, in my experience, is that they require 3 key elements to make them unforgettable. Location, chemistry and costume.

I have an excellent location (complete with a holding cell) to deliver the scene, so that part is easy. Chemistry, as with any scene that involves a lot of role play the need for good play chemistry is key. Both parties must "want" to buy into the fantasy. Again, not a problem. In fact I'm quite honored that the victim in question asked me to do this, hence my last quandary.

The costume...

Normally I'd dust off my vintage cop uniform, pictured here at Folsom, but this one has gotten a lot of use and I don't really have a good follow up to it. (Matisse teases me that I should just move down the line and pick either the Indian chief or the construction worker next) Sure, I could don my regular "uniform" of tall boots, BDUs and tank top. While idea for when I want to open up the taps and kick someone's ass, this is not ideal for projecting that certain authoritative menace. My tastes tend to run to the vintage and obscure so your basic LAPD cop garb is really not my style.

So this would be me, asking you... what sort of uniforms turn you on?