Sunday, March 02, 2008

Note to self, don't schedule an all day video shoot for the day AFTER you do do a very physical photo shoot AND go to an event like the SEAF gala till the wee hours. I know, I know I tell myself this but you know I would still have done it. Way too much fun not to, besides my video editor and FX guy can probably CGI out my bloodshot eyes and puffy eye bags anyway.

But seriously, this is day 3 of Monk's long weekend of media. A full day of video shooting, some new how to content that I'm sure you are gonna love, and then another one tomorrow with one of my favorite bondage teachers, ever. Much like doing long shows, this sort of thing requires one to carefully monitor their energy and not push too hard too fast, for fear that you will crash too soon. I'm doing a good job of that, sorta. I got a bit carried away when shooting with Michele and spent the better part of 3 hours tossing, tying and generally manhandling Alex into new and pretty shapes. I love working with Michele, she so brings out the connection that Alex and I have when we play. One can't help but pull out the stops.

OK the watch on my wrist tells me that I have just enough time to hop in the shower and catch some breakfast before load in and lighting.


Oh and to all those who came out the SEAF gala last night, wow you all looked fantastic. I always get ADD at events like this, so many pretty people to see and hug and grope... so little time! Gawd I love this town.

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