Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Twisted One :)
I am really sorry to bother you, I am sure you get heaps of emails from lots of silly subbies like myself; …
My birthday is coming and I will be celebrating my 34th at a play party, the Host has kindly offered to dress me in a rope corset for the occasion (I am stoked!). We had a 'practice' last night but it didn't go to plan, I was hoping you may be able to suggest some links or ideas that might help?

OK, the problem was.. i have curvy hips - i am an Aussie size 12; we don't have easy access to hemp or jute and are using a 6mm cotton cord type stuff/ 50ft. -Preference is knot to have joins as I would like to wear it as long as hygienically possible and may be sleeping in it. When we did it as per your video, there was bunching at my hips due to my shape, which looked a bit ewww, well, allot ewwww. I would like to still keep length in the corset.

I've been racking my brain trying to think of ways around it - and slicing bits off myself is knot an option! The best I could think of is to move the seam to the side so it runs down my hip and gives it more support, like boning. Then maybe have another seam down the other side. I only have limited knowledge (being the riggee knot the riggerrrrr), and I think this would take two people to do, and am knot sure if it would be logistically possible

The tie in question is a rope corset, like the one I showed off on this video.

Yes, unless you are tying a man, or a woman with no hips, you are going to run into some bunching along where the midsection meets the hips. This is a very common problem. No, just tying it tighter won’t help; it will still bunch up and be extremely uncomfortable too. Option one would be to tie a shorter version of the corset, and make it more a waist cincher, but it sounds like you want something that flows over the hips. You are on the right track with the “boning” idea. Take some thin line, like a 4MM, and starting just under the armpits weave down the body of the corset. A simple over under will do, then when you reach the bottom, reverse and go back up the way you came, but going under the lines you went over and vice versa. Make sense? Depending on the length of the corset, I’d say about 10 ft will do the trick. The nice bit also is that if you have line left over, you can easily hide it under the armpits or tie it off into the back of the harness. posted a photo once of a scene I did where she was wearing a rope corset with garters. If you look close at the photo you can see the weaving pattern. No you don’t need to go all the way down to garters, but if you are hoping to wear this for an extended period and even sleep in it, then you might consider that route over the line between the legs method I show in the video. As it will make things like using the bathroom and sex much simpler and hygienic not having a line between your legs. Also, Lee Harrington’s awesome book, Shibari You Can Use, has several variants of the corset tie with “boning” weaves as well.

Now before I close I do want to get on my soapbox, I am really not a fan of the term “subbie”. Why this term is in the SM lexicon befuddles and annoys me. The act of submission is a powerful and wonderful gift that one person can give another and referring to someone who gives this thing as a “subbie” just grates me, I feel it cheapens and demeans the gift, and in turn the giver.

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