Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tale of Jezebel and The Head Mistress PT1

One of the aspects of sex work that I find I enjoy more and more is the opportunity to create something really memorable for someone. While I pride myself of being a good top and a creator of memorable scenes, being given both the freedom and the resources to draw upon in order to really make something unique for another person? That is just too damn cool for words.

I usually just hint here and there in my twitter feed and elsewhere about my exploits as a male pro, mostly out of respect for my patron’s privacy. But this tale is just too cool not to share. So share it (with the participants consent, of course) I shall.

Jezebel is a handful, a delightful and charming handful. Generous beyond measure in her spirit and desire to be challenged, she is always up for whatever new and devious delights I have in store for her. While the “errant school girl and strict authority figure” game is one of our favorites, I thought perhaps this time we were due for a twist.

It all started with an email. “I just received word from your school, they are very concerned about your illicit behaviors and unlady like manner. The head mistress has requested a meeting this Saturday evening at 8pm.”

Enter “Head Mistress Maggie”. If it were not for the fact that I have had the pleasure of knowing Maggie for many years, I would swear to you that she stepped right out of a Merchant Ivory film. Striking jet black hair pulled severely into a bun, her stern eyes look over the frames of her horn rimmed glasses as she raises an eyebrow with cool menace. When she showed up at my door, her strong curves accented by the severely cut black business cut jacket and skirt she wore, I was almost taken aback by the air of authority she radiated. Of course, it was when she lifted said skirt to reveal a strap-on, the size of which made my eyes bug out, that I knew we were in for an interesting evening.

“Ohhh, I hope she brings me an apple” Maggie giggled with evil glee.