Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Getting Started Vol 1& 2" DVD now for sale.

I've held off selling our DVD for sometime, opting instead to offer it free with our kits and on-line via youtube and our site. My logic behind this decision was that I do not make my living teaching rope, that is best left for the experts like Max and Midori. Rather, it was my goal to give you enough information about the rope to demystify the process, get you exited and hopefully get you to seek out further instruction.

By all reports we have done that and more.

However, I get dozens of requests a week for just the DVD. Existing customers who have plenty of rope but what the volume 2 videos, folks who want to share the info with a friend but are not about to give up thier well worn copy. So, after many requests and much thought I am offering the DVD for sale. It, along with saftey shears, are still included at no extra cost with select kits, but now you can get just the DVD should you need an extra copy.

"Getting Started with your TwistedMonk Rope, Vol 1&2" DVD $20

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