Saturday, October 31, 2009

"The Great Monk-kin?!"
Well I guess this is what I get for not showing up to the Abbey on Friday. Aside from a long overdue morning with my darling Matisse, yesterday was all about the Columbia City show. By all accounts, we rocked the house too, so thanks to everyone who came out. With any luck my film guy got some good shots and we can post something soon.

but I digress... I was telling you about those magnificently crazy fools who work for me. I left the minion alone yesterday and now most days I can count on them to not burn the Abbey down and generally kick a lot of rope based ass while I am out. Now maybe it was because it was a Friday afternoon, or maybe due to the delayed rope shipment we are waiting on (thanks for you patience folks, we are filling orders as fast as possible) whatever the reason, I guess they had some extra time on their hands becasue this morning when I walked in I found this note.

Dear Evil Boss,
We ran out of dry stock to finish and got to thinking, the "Monk Shrine" needed a holiday theme to it. Then we remembered that you had a spare body* and well... hope ya don't mind but you are now officially The Great Monk-kin
Da' Minion

Yes, that is a tiny pumpkin with glasses and a goatee. Remember the shrine they built to my bobble head doll when it first arrived this summer? Yeah, that one. They even got the crow's feet and my trademark, "just what the hell are you doing?" scowl down too. Now normally I would encourage such creative and original thinking, but my real concern here is what they will come up with for Valentine's Day.

*due to damage in shipping to the original bobble head's base, the company sent me a second body. Leaving me with an extra, albeit headless, version of.. well me

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