Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sex Worker Literati, December 3 in NYC
Featuring... well me :)

Remember how I was in NYC last month and I was all exited to meet author, activist and all around rock star Audacia Ray? Yeah, and remember how I was mortified that upon meeting her I went into total "fan boy" mode and pretty much went "OMG!OMG!OMG" while shaking her hand?

Probably not one of my more shining moments of suave charm, but I guess I must have made a positive impression because she has invited me to take part in her next public reading event. I'm so thrilled and honored to be part of this event. At the last reading I was just blown away by the honesty and beauty of the stories shared that night. Laughing at one moment and moved to tears the next.

I'll be sharing the stage with a host of fascinating male writers, porn stars and sex workers, each one with a unique and personal tale to tell about life in the sex industry.

For more information check out the facebook page for the event.
...and no, I will not be wearing a tiara.