Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Hey Sexy Seattle Peeps, What Ya Doing This Saturday Night?

I've been hired to perform and provide "eye candy" for this event. The location is a sweet industrial loft in the shadow of the West Seattle Bridge, the event organizers told me to, "Spread the word and invite some friends..."

From the party invite:
Go Back To Bed plot summary:

Two middle aged, HOT women, searching for their place in the world, fall into the online adult sex toy industry. They soon rise to the top with a booming website and blog and change their boring everyday housewife names to "Sex Kitty " and " Miss September ".

The fast-paced blogging lifestyle of their new found career causes sexual satisfaction at home and soon they are smitten with the intensity of fame and attention they receive as the current hip and playful MOTHERS of the adult sex accoutrement market.

They get hooked on toy reviews, which is very prevalent in the adult toy industry, and find their star status slipping away. In a silicone induced state, these two minx get involved with a rockin' band, some bodacious bartenders, and fantastic warehouse owners. Being famous does have its power. Their gizmo-ridden detour results in an epic launch party celebration, while " Miss September" & "Sex Kitty" retain their day jobs as wholesome mothers and dutiful wives.

Having paid their dues, " Sex Kitty " and " Miss September" rock the adult novelty world and resume their place, not as the " fresh meat" on the market , but as seasoned veterans who still have what it takes. And do they ever!

Please join us for a sexy celebration launch of our company
Go Back To Bed

Live music by Reckon Yard

Liberal Libations, and Flirtatious Treats.

Due to the size of guest list, please bring a bottle of celebration liquor to share with the bar.

Bartenders will be happy to mix concoctions throughout the evening.

Prepare for a naughty evening of delight.

Dress sexy. We will.

RSVP to no later than January 31st. Please feel free to invite friends.

For more info here is the website

I'll be rigging and performing most of the night, come by and say hi... or better yet bring me drinks :)