Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rope tops, an experiment for you to try

Ok rope tops, I have a challenge for you. Go grab your favorite rope bottom, a hunk of your favorite rope, and practice doing a basic chest harness like the one I demo here.

Got it? What was it like" Ask your bottom how she felt about the experience.

Now try this, take a caribeiner (or short hunk of rope) and loop one end though the back belt loop of your bottom and the other through the front of yours. You should now be tethered about 4-6 inches from your partner.

Tie the harness again.

What changed? While the most obvious observation will be that tethered like this you have less room to move and navigate around the bottom. This may seem frustrating, however ask the bottom what changed for her (or him) I think you will be surpized.

Rope is all about connection, the strands of hemp are an extension of your want for the other, wrapping them, protecting, taking them on a trip with you.

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