Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Recently the nice perverts over at marveled at a new steel ass hook they saw. Here is the link, so not work safe btw. Now whenever they write about ass hooks, I get an e-mail from someone looking for one. See, I guess I’m the only guy outside of porn who has written about owning one.

Wanna know the cool bit, I actually own one of these hooks.

The guy who makes most of the wicked steel toys you see on sites like hogtied and such is a friend of mine. He is always coming by the shop to show off new toys and such. My toy bag has many of his prototypes and a few one of a kind items. (I've also helped design a custom one for the infamous Nina Hartley as well.) It is only natural that I have one of these hooks with the rounded balls in that collection. Let me tell ya, the photo does not do it justice. The super smooth, shiny ball on this bad boy is just larger than a golf ball and the entire thing has a +5 intimidation factor.

When I gleefully showed my new toy to my wife, Tambo, she laughed and said, “This is why we are poly. Have fun with that, somewhere else.”
Undaunted, I showed it to my other partner, Matisse, who responded, “This is why you have a submissive… have fun with that, somewhere else.”
So I show it to my boy, Alex. His response was to burst into hysterical laughter, “Unless you intend to beat me to death with it first, I’d going to have to call red on that one Daddy. Have fun with that, somewhere else”

Seems a shame to let this devious delight collect dust… good thing I’m poly.

[update] Here is a shot of the hook for those of you who wanted to guage the scale. Resting on the ball is a U.S. Quarter, behind it is a new $100 bill. For those who asked. The "standard" hook sells for $95.00 and this custom hook goes for $150.00 -M