Monday, September 15, 2008


How did you become a sex worker? What school did you go to? Are there schools for teaching sex work-craft?

Well let me see, as I studied sex work along with communications at a junior college in Spokane. Later, due to high marks and the decline in popularity of disco, I was able to parlay my undergraduate success into a full scholarship at the prestigious Secret European Sex House University – the branch campus, in Hoboken, NJ - where I took a double major in Sex-Work and Art History. Far from home with not many friends I joined the fraternity system and eventually pledged to the historic, Eye Phelta Thi house.

Those times were tough and money was tight so I took a work study job at the campus peep show and eventually graduated with marks high enough to qualify me for the both the dean’s list and national honor society. I’m very proud of those days and in fact I am looking at my diploma as I type this.

Seriously dude, a school? You’re kidding right? Seeing as how this is illegal in the US, opening a school for prostitutes seems a bit unwise. No. Sadly there is no formal education for this sort of thing. While you can learn the mechanics, as it were, of the trade. The skills needed to be a good, safe and experienced SM top can be learned over time in a wide number of places. Understanding the mindset, the psychology and what exactly it is that you are selling--an experience, the freedom to explore, the opportunity for someone to better understand themselves and their sexuality, which is not something I’ve ever seen taught anywhere. Rather, if you are lucky like I am, you will find yourself some experienced sex-workers, befriend them and listen to what they have to share. The fact that I am a male sex worker who sees exclusively female clientele adds an extra wrinkle to things, but the end goal is the same: create an opportunity for someone to explore their sexuality, their kink and themselves and in the end have them feel good about doing so.

Much like the skilled trades of old, you become an apprentice to a “master of the craft” (or in this case, “Mistress”) where they take you under their wing and share their wealth of knowledge with you. Perhaps one day when the this uptight country gets it’s head out from up its collective ass and sex work is made legal, then maybe you can sign up for my “Boy Whore 101”. Hmm, “Professor Monk” I like the sound of that.

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