Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today the Abbey will be a blast furnace, the massive 10ft high windows that I loved when I first saw the space face south and soak up the sun. We all have a tan from just working near these beasts. With any luck Jester will have finished the dye jobs in the early morning while things are still cool.

What I ought to do today is go skinny dipping.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Damn it is hot.... I think I sweated out all my creativity on the dance floor the other night. I will, however, leave you with this thought of the day.

I'm finding more and more that a woman with smile lines is insanely sexy to me.

Stay cool today, gonna be a scorcher

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monk’s Second Law of Good Topping, “If after a scene, the top is not as physically and mentally exhausted as their bottom… you are doing it wrong”

My shoulders ache this morning, rivers of ground glass flow down the length of my neck and back. Sore from both my overly intense work out yesterday as well as my night with one, very tough and dynamic gal. OK, I am pretty sure I am not feeling quite as, um how was it put once? “Feeling like I got run over by a UPS truck, then it backed up, did a three point turn on top of me, unloaded some deliveries and ran over me again…” But still, oh how I so use a long, deep tissue massage or maybe a trip to the spa and then a massage.

But Monk, you ask, you are supposed to be this big, bad ass top. Why are YOU in pain? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?

Sure, as the top I am the one delivering most of the, how shall I say this politely, “intense sensations” to my partner as they greedily soak it up and ask for more (or beg, I like it when they beg… a lot) but I am not one of those folks that sees himself as a life-support system for a flogger. Rather, SM play is all about getting down, inside your body and experiencing this amazing machine we live in. All the things we do when we play are designed to push that machine, both mentally and physically, good play drowns out the chatter in our heads and that vague, disconnected feeling we get when we are too caught up in the world. When we play, we become greedy hedonists, hungry for the sensations and the endorphin rush that comes with it.

And who says a top has to just sit by and observe this? Not me, when I play I want to use my body too. I work too hard in the gym to not want to flex and push myself as well. Why just wrap rope around a limb, when you can press your body in, pull them close and then tie? It is one thing to swing a flogger a safe distance from a rack, it is a whole other experience to slowly circle your prey, and shoulders hunched forward, fists clenched in menacing anticipation of your next strike.

Even if you are not a “rough and tumble” sort of player, this rule still applies. Again, why stand back, arm distance while putting that chest harness on? Hold her tight to you, smell her hair as you nuzzle that perfect spot on the nape of her neck and let your fingers guide the rope around her body.

Play, good play, is all about making a connection. Both psychologically as well as kinetically


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monks +1 Jacket of Protection

“Surely that can’t be very comfortable” I commented as she pressed her glitter speckled face against the front of my leather jacket.
“Is this jacket thick?” She asked, looking up with eyes red from recent tears.
“Thick enough to block out the rest of the world for a few minutes?”
“Definitely”, and with that I opened the jacket and pulled her into it, enveloping her small form in the folds of leather as I wrapped my arms around her as she fell into me, shoulders finally succumbing to exhausting, melting around me.

Ahh yes, this would be a salute to my most noble and well worn leather jacket that I found in a thrift shop a lifetime ago. One of a million of the mass produced “biker style” jackets worn by motorcyclists and would be bad boys since Marlin Brando strode out in one on the silver screen. The pockets in mine are shot, lining all but in tatters, but oh how it hugs my shoulders. Deep, canyon like creases lines the arms where it has formed to the shape of me. It’s obsidian black dye now worn pale in places. I’ve worn it nonstop since I found it, rain or shine. While it has served to protect my skin from the occasional motorcycle tumble, I think it has done more to shield the person I take in my arms when they are too scared to stand alone. It is just the right item to drape over the shoulders of a lover when they are caught in a sudden chill and the shoulder loops? Just the right height when a hand needs to cling to you in a quiet moment.

Sure, I suppose I should retire the garment, replace it with something a bit more high tech and better suited to protect me as I ride my motorcycles through these crowded Seattle streets, but nothing I have tried on fits the way this one does. Perhaps that is because none of them have a small, sad girl clinging to you, sharing a quiet moment of comfort while surrounded by the warm, soft embrace that is old, loved leather.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Getting Started Vol 1& 2" DVD now for sale.

I've held off selling our DVD for sometime, opting instead to offer it free with our kits and on-line via youtube and our site. My logic behind this decision was that I do not make my living teaching rope, that is best left for the experts like Max and Midori. Rather, it was my goal to give you enough information about the rope to demystify the process, get you exited and hopefully get you to seek out further instruction.

By all reports we have done that and more.

However, I get dozens of requests a week for just the DVD. Existing customers who have plenty of rope but what the volume 2 videos, folks who want to share the info with a friend but are not about to give up thier well worn copy. So, after many requests and much thought I am offering the DVD for sale. It, along with saftey shears, are still included at no extra cost with select kits, but now you can get just the DVD should you need an extra copy.

"Getting Started with your TwistedMonk Rope, Vol 1&2" DVD $20

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Secret Powers?

"oh I don't think I have any secret powers," she said to me, the candle light reflecting off the deep soft pools of her brown eyes, "I'm just a normal girl."
Yeah, right. If by "normal" you mean turning the heads of every man in the room as her small, pale hands played across the icy rim of her cocktail glass as she sat across from me.
"I mean it is not like I can fly, or bend spoons with my pussy" she coyly giggled.
"Ok, I'll give ya the first one, but I may need proof on the latter"

Everyone has a secret power, nothing so dramatic as flight or invisibility or even the ability to crush walnuts with their ass. No more like small, seemingly irrelevant powers that are unique to you. Like what kind of powers you ask? Well, I have one friend who, no matter the event or time of day, can find on street parking. Or my darling wife Tambo, she can seems to know the location of any random inanimate object in our house. If I can't find my leather spiderman jumpsuit with the spiked cod piece, bingo she can locate it in second flat.

So dear reader, what is your special power?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Has it really been a week since I posted something here? Wow, talk about the week just getting away from you, lots and lots going on and no time to stop, breath and write it down. Crazy deadlines, half the crew gone, and well you know the drill.

I hope at least the twitter feed has kept you entertained in my absence?

This week should be much more "normal", whatever that is, so more to come.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Due to huge customer demand for our color of the month and the fact that it always sells out quickly we are going to pre-announce this month's color. "Bordeaux", a rich dark cherry shade, will be placed on sale Sunday, July 12th at noon.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Matisse has a new podcast up. In this episode we talk about poly and the dangers of comparing partners as well as I go on a rant about folks "assuming" things about my dearest partner Tambo. It is a prime rant too for fans who like it when I unhinge :)

I have on my to do list to set up a new recording session soon so if you have questions we can answer for you send us an email.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

FYI Today is your last day to take advantage of the free shipping offer.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Are you a pervert living in a "Red State"
Do you live in a conservative state and like bondage? Did Sarah Palin make more than one campaign stop in your town and you have bought bondage rope from me? I'm looking for customers who like kink and live in conservative, republican leaning "Red States" who would like to contribute, anonymously of course, to a piece being written about the company.

Please contact me directly monk at twistemonk dot com thanks!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Twistedmonk.Com Celebrates Independence Day with FREE US SHIPPING

This weekend, while the other guys are too busy trying to blow their thumbs off with illegal fireworks, click over to and celebrate your independence from mediocre rope and second rate gear. To celebrate Independence Day we are waiving the shipping fees on all US orders. So now you can swagger like Will Smith after he kicks some alien/vampire/cgi thing’s ass, knowing you have a rope bag full of the most popular hemp rope in the world.

Spend too much on bottle rockets but still want some good rope? Check out our new “Val-u-Line” rope kits, same great rope but at a price that can’t be beat.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm interested in the ball-ended ass hooks you sell and want to confirm the quality of their construction.

I own a hook from another vendor and was disappointed to find that the ball was screwed on, and what looked like a solid stainless steel hook was in fact a stainless steel tube over a secondary rod. Its construction leaves crevices that means it needs to be disassembled for cleaning after each use.

Questions about your ass hooks:

Are the rod and ball both made of stainless steel?

Is the ball welded to the rod, or otherwise permanently attached in a way that leaves no crevices for dirt to settle into, and is the welding material also stainless steel and/or corrosion-resistant like stainless steel?

There are several cheap ass hooks on the market now. If I have learned anything in the last 6 years it is that you know you have a good idea by the number of imitators is inspires. Most are poor knock offs of the original, designed by our steel maker for the very demanding needs at Kink.Com and other professional bondage sites.

Unlike the cheap replicas offered elsewhere ours uses only the highest grade, medical use stainless steel. Other hooks are made from cheap, foreign made steel. If you have followed the news in the past year then you are familiar with the many he made health and safety issues stemming from cut rate products made from cheaper materials and sold by vendors only looking to make a quick buck.

The ball end is permanently welded to the hook and the entire weld surface is painstakingly polished and re-welded till it is a perfect, seamless connection. The entire toy is then buffed and inspected for even the smallest of imperfections before being given the maker's signature.

Such dedication to detail might seem a bit overkill to some, but SM play has the potential to be dangerous. I firmly believe that by using only the highest quality tools and toys you can reduce that risk factor as well as enhance your pleasure.

I refuse to sell any product that I would not use in my bedroom regardless of the possible profit it may make me.

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