Saturday, November 24, 2007

Greatest Hits Album?

I always cringe when a band I like puts out a “greatest hits” collection. It seems to me like they lost their cultural significance and are now relying on the strength of their past work to pay the rent. Of course there are artists, like David Bowie for example, whose body of work is so large that they regularly put out collections as a way of book marking the various chapters in their long career. So what the hell does this have to do with blogging? Well after nearly 3.5 years of writing here, this blog has grown into quite an intimidating collection of content. Over the years, as I have journaled the ups and downs of this non-traditional path that I have chosen, I never quite imagined that this would have the following or the impact that it has. While I’m not about to compare myself to some of the really great bloggers out there, I am very proud of this journal and am delighted that so many of you have enjoyed reading along every day.

The problem is this, there is just so much content. I’ve been told by new readers that while they love the blog, there is so much back-story that shy of taking a few days off and reading all 900 odd posts to get caught up. Daunted by this, they do not return often and never become a regular reader and commenter. It has been suggested that I compile a “greatest posts” list of my best works and add it to the sidebar of the blog so that new, casual readers can get to the really good stuff with out having to wade through endless posts about caffeine and sore hands.

I have begun a list of my favorite posts, but as any artist will tell you, it is hard to objectively judge your own work. So this is where I turn to you, loyal reader. I figure that if you are reading this on the Saturday after thanksgiving that you are the ones who have been with me the longest and know this body of work the best. It is your opinion that I seek.
Here is my jumping off point, my personal favorite posts:
04/26/04 How I Met My Wife
05/10/04 The Tale of Wilbur The Death Pig
06/06/05 My First Date With Dancer (Matisse)
07/27/04 The Opening Day as an Armored Actor
08/27/04 The Closing Day
08/10/04 The Year I Turned 12, Twice
10/07/04 Traveling with out Moving
02/09/05 The Demise of the Swedish Chef Hat
02/01/05 HardWired
02/02/05 My Libido Demands It
05/09/05 The Unused Toy
06/06/05 Beware My Resplendent Topping Panties!
07/05/05 Liar!
08/03/05 Night Ride
10/05/05 The Coolest Moment of Folsom '05
10/24/05 The Lamest Thing We Saw at Folsom '05
10/18/05 The Bird in the Cage
11/02/05 Mementos on My Key Ring
12/19/05 Recomendations
12/09/05 One Scene, Three Perspectives
02/16/06 Delightfully Devious
03/28/06 Godzilla 1, Tokyo 0
04/06/27 Not Going to be My Day
05/23/06 The Exploding PBJ
05/09/06 The Sweaty Lesbian Fuck-Ball
06/21/06 The Boyscout Uniform
06/08/06 Welcome to the Worst Day of My Life
08/03/06 What Happend to All My Rope? (pt3)
09/08/06 My Afternoon with Violet Blue
10/15/06 Calls to the Abbey
11/06/06 John Tesh is the Erection Killer
12/24/06 A pot of Ale and Saftey
01/10/07 The Gun I Tried to Kill Myself With
02/28/07 Boston Bob
03/07/07 The Big Ass Ball Hook
05/08/07 How to Not (Emotionally) Slam Into the Guardrail
05/11/07 Alas Poor Yorick, I Knew Him Well
06/28/07 The Pancake-o-Meter
09/21/07 Back in the Saddle

See why I am asking for your help? Just compling the list has filled me with all manner of warm memories, laughs and cringes. So please, if you will, vote for your favorites as feel free to nominate your picks as well.